Around Erice




"E l'altro monte, e l'altro monte ei vede, 
l'Erice azzurro, solo tra il mare e il cielo
divinamente apparito,
la vetta 
annunziatrice della Sicilia bella!"
                          Gabriele D'annunzio








 Erice is a beautiful medieval village that stands over Trapani. It includes the history and art of Greek, Arab and Christian.

On the top, besides being able to taste the pastries of Maria Grammatico, you can see the stunning views of the Trapani area, stroll alone the roads trodden by Arabs, Greeks, Normans and the Phoenicians, savor the scent of "antique" along narrow streets.


In this place you can also feel the atmosphere of science by visiting Ettore Majorana Institute, by visiting Temple of Venus and treading Spanish Quarter you can feel the ancient atmosphere of the another time, you can enjoy of the Balio Gardens walking and breathing the sweets singularity of the place.






Tell the legend that Trapani had origin from sickle that Ceres Goddess.
Hercules trod the soil of Trapani making one of his labors.
Odysseus, however, met Aeolus on one of the islands Egadi.
Aeneas, in the course of his journey as told by Virgil, he buried his father Anchises on Trapani's Coast boulding a stele.

Today, as then, Trapani is a center of sea where ancient cultures come together to create a single soul, then as now, Erice from the top protects Trapani while the city see the horizon watching, enviously, the nearby islands . The sun and the sea of Trapani are known all over the world, its beaches are popular destinations for tourists and business travellers as well as its winds and sports attract sailors looking for a sailing.

San Vito and Zingaro



San Vito Lo Capo and the Zingaro are tourist destinations par excellence. The first is a charming small town where tourists can capture the essence of life made by sea and relaxation, the second a nature reserve where you can immerse yourself in nature.


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