• Frutta martorana - Tangerines
    Martorana tangerines.
  • Tart with cream and almonds
    Tart with cream and almonds.
  • Frutta martorana - Lemons
    Martorana lemons.
  • Belli e Brutti
    Belli e Brutti.
  • Frutta martorana - Figs
    Martorana figs.
  • Tiny sicilian cassata
    Tiny sicilian cassata.
  • Frutta martorana - various fruits
    Martorana various fruits.

The original Erice pastries.

Ancient aromas and flavours come alive thanks to the skillful art of Maria Grammatico. A wide range of Sicilian cakes, almond pastries and traditional ones, strictly hand made and unquestionably good. A fine pastry making able to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Welcome to the Maria Grammatico's cake shop in Erice where tradition and quality are a constant.

Dolci di Badia.
Dolci di Badia.
Buccellati with figs.
Biscuits with figs.
Paschal lamb.
Paschal lamb.

The story of Maria Grammatico

Maria Grammatico
Maria Grammatico

Immediately after the second world war, Maria Grammatico entered the convent of San Carlo in Erice. Despite the very hard life, Maria was able to learn the "secret" art of pastry making in the ancient laboratories of the cloistered nuns. It is thanks to her passion that now we can still taste the delicious almond pastries made just like five centuries ago.

Bitter Almonds

Bitter Almonds
Bitter Almonds

Thanks to the american writer Mary Taylor Simeti, Maria Grammatico tells her story in "Bitter Almonds". In this book Maria reminds her youth and her early work experiences that will make her famous throughout the world thanks to her fine art of pastry making. She also gives us some of her famous recipes, just as she had "stolen" from the cloistered nuns of the San Carlo convent in Erice.